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The Process

HTC is passionate about creating the architect’s design vision in its best possible light, down to the most minute detail. We offer fully integrated design and construction practices with 3-D construction modeling, CAD shop drawings and meticulous project monitoring. Our building process is unparalleled in terms of service, technology and accuracy.

Working with your designer, HTC creates a sophisticated digital prototype of each building to pre-test structural, mechanical and finish design specifications…prior to construction. Our integrated process is unparalleled in its ability to coordinate all these design requirements, and vastly improves communication between all the players, from the architect and engineers to trades people, suppliers and building departments. By extracting quantity data and pricing documents from our construction model, HTC is able to collect more competitive bids and predict costing far sooner and more accurately than was conceivable by other estimating methods. In short, 3D construction modeling is the most reliable way for an architect and client to feel assured that their design will be executed with accuracy, efficiency and integrity.

HTC is pleased to bring this innovative integrated approach, proven on large-scale commercial projects, to our valued clients in custom residential construction.

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